Episode 303 — “Canricians”

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PLEASE NOTE: Valkyrie is an Audio Series – A slideshow is presented with this audio for your enjoyment! No moving video.

The Valkyrie is ordered to planet Delta Shylon II, to investigate a reported Antimatter explosion on the surface.

Jerry Stanford, Michael Liebmann, Toby Curfman, Michael Stutelberg, Jacob Stanford, John Kwan Yuen, Dean Rogers, Alexis Waters, Spring Stanford and Andrea Columber

John Kilgallon as Dr. Folandra
Denis Roma as General Frosis
David Ault as Admiral Toren
Steve Stevers as the Eridus pilot
Val Kilgallon as CAPCOM
Terry Self as the Public Address Announcer
Tina Anderson as Nurse 1
Amy Hicks as Nurse 2

Jerry Goldsmith, Ron Jones and Dennis McCarthy

Original theme for Valkryie by Jesse Richardson
Written, Directed and Audio mix by: John Kwan Yuen
Executive Producer: Jerry Stanford

Valkyrie is a Production of Glass City Communications
Based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek is a registered Trademark of Paramount/CBS, All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement is intended.
Original Characters and Stories are Copyright by Glass City Communications.