Episode 302 — “The Primal Directive”

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PLEASE NOTE: Valkyrie is an AUDIO program! There is a Picture Slideshow to go with the action, but no video.

The Valkyrie has resumed its mapping mission after it’s accidental trip out beyond the Galactic Barrier and followup repairs and refit. She’s entered the Anthrac system and found several anomalous things, including strange energy readings coming from an isolated valley on the fourth planet. A landing party beams down and has to do what it can to keep from violating the Prime Directive.

Irene Waites as Ve’Nor
Darren Marlar as Res’Tark
Bill MacKenzie as Ens. Pickler
Terry Self as Ens. Gomez
Marcy Xexelia as Naomi
Tina Anderson as Pa’Tor

Jerry Goldsmith, Ron Jones, Dennis McCarthy, Mark McKenzie, David Bell, Velton Ray Bunch, Jay Chattaway, John Debney and Paul Ballargeon

Original theme for Valkyrie by Jesse Richardson
Audio Play by Toby Curfman
Audio Mix by Jerry Stanford
Executive Producer: Jerry Stanford
Slideshow Pictures by: VideoSpaceFX

Star Trek: Valkyrie is based on “Star Trek”, created by Gene Roddenberry

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