Special Episode 1 — “The Captain’s Table”

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Based on the “Tales of the Captain’s Table” series of books by Pocket Book, this Fan Production brings together several Starfleet Captain’s in one place, The Captain’s Table Bar.

Starting with Captain’s Stanfield, McKnight and Grigory who are together at a Starfleet Conference, they go out to the Captain’s Table where they meet up with Captain’s Martin, O’Brien, Knapp, and Decker and swap stories with one another.

Star Trek: Valkyrie is happy to include the voice talents of their respective shows Captains;
Keith Harris as Capt. Alexander McKnight of the Lexington
Jeffrey Green as Capt. Alec Grigory of the Potemkin
Kenneth Thompson as Capt. Ray Martin of the Saladin
Darren Hann as Capt. Miles O’Brien of the Reliant
Jacob Stanford as Capt. Michael Decker of the Ranger
and special appearance by:
Dave Dial as Capt. Ian Quincy Knapp of the Excelsior

The “Captain’s Table” concept was created by John J Ordover and Dean Wesley Smith.

The different portions of this production were recorded in Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, California USA and Newfoundland Canada and assembled in an Audio Mix by Kenneth Thompson and Jerry Stanford.

A Production of Glass City Communications.
Written by Jerry Stanford, with Kenneth Thompson and Darren Hann, and Potemkin story elements written by Randall Landers.