Episode 201 — “Touch of the Prophets – Part 2”

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The Cardassians have arrived at Bajor and ordered Valkyrie away. How does Captain Stanfield deal with the situation? How are things going on the planet with the Landing Party? What is going to happen? What is going on with certain crew members? Find out in the Season 2 Premiere episode, and exciting conclusion to Touch of the Prophets!

The Valkyrie is on a First Contact Mission to Bajor. Is this mission going to be as easy as it could be? Is there danger in the air? How will Captain Stanfield and Commander Miller handle things with the mission? What is going to be the outcome with the Bajoran Government? Or with the Cardassians?

Jerry Stanford as Captain Edward Stanfield
Michael Liebmann as Commander Andrew Miller
Toby Curfman as Lt Commander Shrun
Michael Stutelberg as Lt Commander Paul Elberg
Dean Rogers as Lt. Michael Swanson
Jacob Stanford as Lt. Travis Reed
John Kwan Yuen as Lt. Stephen Fox
Spring Stanford as Lt. JG Gina Bellamy
Alexis Waters as Doctor Anne Ravenwood
Andrea Columber as Valkyrie’s Computer Voice/Series Announcer

Paul Lavelle as General Duran
Ron Boyd as Gul Maveer
Allyrton Lewis as First Minister Reena
Brandon Stacy as Minister Phlox
Tina Anderson as Ensign Hall
Randall Landers as Medical Minister
Charles Miller as Military Minister
Tim Carr as Colonel Kitch
E.A. Buel as Administrator Reneaux
Renda Carr as Science Minister
Mike Slagenweit-Coffman as Minister Kevo
Jim Bray as the Intelligence Minister
Marc Friedman as Minister Xeron
Nick Cook as Operative Crane

Audio Play by: Jerry Stanford


Offensive Posture
Offensive Posture
Ashalla Dawn or Dusk
Ashalla Dawn or Dusk
Continued Attacks
Continued Attacks
Dealing with the Gul
Dealing with the Gul