Episode 102 — “Disaster Strikes”

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The Valkyrie is on its way to Starbase 11 for additional repairs after engaging the Romulans, and to receive her next assignment. On her way, she strikes a subspace anomaly and is severely damaged. Can the crew come together to save the ship? And where is Captain Stanfield?

The Valkyrie encounters a subspace anomaly and causes damage to the ship. The crew must come together if they hope to survive.

Michael Liebmann – Commander Andrew Miller
Toby Curfman – Lt. Commander Shrun
Michael Stutelberg – Lt. Commander Paul Elberg
Jacob Stanford – Lt. Travis Reed
Dean Rogers – Lt. Michael Swanson
Spring Stanford – Lt. J.G. Gina Bellamy
John Kwan Yuen – Lt. Stephen Fox
Alexis Waters – Doctor Anne Ravenwood
Kim Vickery – Ensign Manning
Tina Anderson – The Nurse
Written By: Jerry Stanford