Episode 101 — “The Road to Tomed”

“The Road to Tomed – Part 1”

“The Road to Tomed – Part 2”

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Valkyrie is assigned to a fleet that is responding to Romulan agression near the Neutral Zone. The events lead to the eventual “Tomed Incident” as referenced in TNG.

Guest Stars:
Keith Harris (Star Trek: Lexington) as Captain Alex McKnight of the USS Lexington
Julia Morizawa (Hidden Frontier/Star Trek: Odyssey) as Captain Julie Green of the USS Plymouth
Renda Carr (Star Trek: Lexington/Project Potemkin) as Lt Cmdr Saavik of the USS Lexington and Admiral Leonov.

Music by: Cliff Eidelmann, Dennis McCarthy, Ron Jones and Antonio Carlos Jobim as performed by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass