Episode 100 — “New Command”

“New Command – Part 1” — Episode 100

Pilot Episode.

“New Command – Part 2” — Episode 100

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Captain Stanfield is given command of Valkyrie on short notice.

This episode is now in Full Release. – Please note that several changes were made to the Teaser and First Act’s that were previously released.

Jerry Stanford as Captain Edward J. Stanfield
Michael Liebmann as Commander Andrew Miller
Jacob Stanford as Lt. Travis Reed and Captain Prescott
Toby Curfman as Second Officer Lt. Commander Shrun
Michael Stutelberg as Chief Engineer Paul Elberg
Dean Rogers as Lt. Michael Swanson
Spring Stanford as Lt. Gina Bellamy
and Andrea Columber as the Ships Computer Voice and Series Announcer

Guest Stars:
Robin Hiert as Rear Admiral Sondergaard
Ian Clement as Vice Admiral Markoweitz
Jeff Green as Captain Alec Grigory of the USS Potemkin

With: Tony Johanning as Commander Leonin Amorek