Captain Edward J. Stanfield


Commanding Officer, Captain Edward J. Stanfield

Captain Stanfield comes from Ohio in North America on Earth. While attending Starfleet Academy, he met a Science’s major whom he became friends with, Carl Stoeffels, who is currently serving aboard the USS Justice as Science Officer. Upon graduation, he moved up the ranks, spending some time as an Ensign aboard the USS Montana under the command of Captain Paul Edwards, which was lost without a trace a few months later in the area of Yeager Outpost. Later spending time aboard the USS Armstrong NCC-958 as a Lieutenant JG, where he met another friend, Alec Grigory, who was his section chief aboard, and is now the Captain of the USS Potemkin, and he continued working his way up to his first command, the USS Columbia, a Saladin Class ship.

After 18 months in Command of the Columbia, he was given command of the Miranda Class USS Saratoga, after her repairs from the Whale Probe incident. Captain Stanfield and the crew served Starfleet in many various missions during his time in command, including ferrying diplomats to Khitomer for the conference with the Klingons to broker a peace treaty.

After the events that happened involving the launch of the USS Enterprise B under the command of John Harriman and the loss of Captain James T. Kirk, command of the Valkyrie was given to him just before its launch from the Copernicus Ship Yards at Luna, after the loss of her originally assigned Captain, Lorraine Wilcox.

Played by Jerry Stanford


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