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Starship Valkyrie 2297

The Valkyrie will be receiving a refit at the Metlesits Fleet Yards during Season 3, due to damage she sustains. This is the “after” view.


The quote from John F. Kennedy is taken from the dedication plaque.


Valkyrie model by David Metlesits (metlesitsfleetyards) with adaptations.

Actors Needed

Star Trek: Valkyrie always new actors. We have parts open for episodes currently in pre-production. If you want non-recurring part, we may have something for you. Your name will be credited on the website. To audition, please contact us.

Stories Requested

Do you have a story or script that can be adapted to Star Trek: Valkyrie? We are interested. You will get credit as the Story writer, and if you work out the script for us as well, you will also get Screenwriter credits. Contact us today.