Created and produced by Jerry Stanford, Star Trek: Valkyrie is a full cast audio series.


If you would like to become a part of the Valkyrie family, feel free to contact us today regarding script submissions and casting auditions.


Our Associates

Star Trek: Valkyrie has inspired a sister series Star Trek: Ranger, produced by Jacob Stanford. Please visit the Star Trek: Ranger Web site today.

The Rogers Revue
This link is loaded with Entertainment news and Interviews. Owned and Operated by Valkyrie’s own Dean Rogers (Lt. Michael Swanson)

Project: Potemkin
Late 23rd Century (TOS Movie Era) video show, on the Constitution Class USS Potemkin. Based in Georgia (USA)

Star Trek: Dark Armada
Based in the late 24th century, this video series is based on the USS Batavia under the command of Captain Richardson. Filmed in the Netherlands.

Star Trek: Grissom
Audio show based in Ireland. It takes place aboard the USS Grissom, which was seen in Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock. It chronicles the events leading up to the events of Star Trek 3.
Cast and Guest Stars of Valkyrie can be heard in Grissom.

Starship Farragut
This is a video production, based upon the USS Farragut, set in the TOS timeframe. Based in Southeast Georgia, USA.

Star Trek: Phase 2
Formerly Star Trek: New Voyages. Set in TOS era. Continuing the original 5 year mission of the Enterprise under Capt. James T. Kirk.
The production is based in Upstate New York (USA)

Starship Ajax
Set on a Saladin Class cruiser in the TOS timeframe. Based in the Central USA

Starship Intrepid
Fan Film based in the Post-Voyager era on the Intrepid Class starship USS Intrepid. Based in Scotland (UK)

The Star Trek: Valkyrie web site is published by Star Trek Channel.

Star Trek: Ranger is based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry.